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Offline Captioning: We offer the best in professional, accurate closed-captioning. Offline captions are created and added after a production has been recorded, but before it is aired or played. Examples of productions that utilize offline captioning are broadcast TV programs, DVDs, and educational media. These captions appear in pop-on, paint-on or roll-up style. You may request a caption file only (you do the encoding), or if you prefer, we can encode your program master through our post-production facility and send you a ready-for-broadcast captioned master. We can provide your caption and subtitle files in whatever DVD/Blu-ray or web formats you need. We can send files for your nonlinear system to avoid the encode step altogether and we can caption your Google/YouTube videos.

Realtime Captioning: Online captions are created and added during live broadcasts or events, such as classroom lectures, business seminars, sporting events, and other live productions. These captions appear in roll-up style.

CART, Computer Assisted Realtime Translation: The output of a court reporting machine is fed to a computer, which produces a text document, transcribing the words of the speaker. Once in the computer, the text can be displayed on a computer monitor (for one or two users) or projected onto a screen (for tens, hundreds or thousands of users.)

Subtitles: Subtitles are open, (always visible), and can be done in English or translated into a foreign language.

Translation: Through our network of translators, we're able to translate your program into almost any language. Our translators specialize in performing fine dialect work; for instance, 13 dialects of Spanish, 5 dialects of French, 4 of Chinese, and more.

Webcasting and Video Streaming: We can caption your webcast live in real time to Web viewers. Webcasts can be recorded, captioned and made available as video-on-demand files later.

Transcription: We provide high-quality, affordable transcription services to you with your deadline in mind.

Non-linear: Our nonlinear captioning/subtitling software allows us to work with any format, any encoder, in any language, at any distance. We can also provide you with a black movie file for your NLE system so you won't need to encode!

DVD, HD, and Blu-Ray: We can have your project authored in any of these formats.

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